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Seamless Backpack

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a functional and intuitive backpack, designed to thrive in any environment.

During a trip to China, I visited multiple soft good manufacturing plants where I saw first hand the amount of waste that is created through the process. From this I saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way these products were being made. 

Simplicity, Sophistication, and Functionality...

Simplicity through the shape and silhouette of the backpack as well as the seamless integration of features without the usual overloaded/busy look that is often seen in most bags.

Sophistication through the innovative and sustainable process of flat bed knitting which provides a unique aesthetic and seamless waste-free construction that is yet to be seen in the soft goods industry.

Functionality through the ergonomic placement of pockets and hardware for quick access and one handed use without the constant removal of the backpack, as well as the material choices such as the use of Cordura ballistic nylon yarn for durability and the use of 3M accents on the front pocket zipper for a pop of visibility.